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If you were suddenly served divorce papers in Johnstown or you finally reached your breaking point due to abuse or infidelity, you may feel like your entire world is crashing down around you. Your stomach is in knots and you don’t know where to turn or what to do. You cannot be expected to handle all of the details while trying to process the end of your marriage.

At Harold Shepley & Associates, LLC, we want to be your divorce advocates. Our legal team provides individualized attention to help clients tackle the details of their cases one day at a time. When you come to us, we don’t simply hand you some forms and tell you to fill them out. Instead, we take the time to analyze your case and provide guidance that is tailored to your situation.

Experienced legal counsel for families in Somerset, Pennsylvania

For nearly 20 years, our law firm has helped clients throughout Somerset, Pennsylvania gain a fresh start. We understand that financial concerns can cause emotions to escalate during a divorce. Our legal team has the skills and legal resources to help ensure that your financial interests are protected throughout the divorce process. We also understand the emotional and religious side of divorces. Managing Attorney Harold Shepley started handling divorces in Somerset after hearing the personal stories from members of his church, where it became clear that many people are faced with a divorce through no fault of their own.
Our law firm includes a former corporate counselor of a bank, a former Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee, and a past president of the Pennsylvania Debt Collection Association. We have extensive experience handling highly complex financial matters, including questions involving alimony and spousal maintenance. When you select our law firm, we apply our skills and legal resources to ensure that your marital assets and debts are distributed equitably.

Counsel and support for all family law issues

If you are involved in any sort of family law issue, from spousal disputes to needing assistance with child support, we can help you get through this chapter of your life. We tailor our approach to your unique situation and legal needs. Many law firms only have a limited amount of time to spend with their clients. At Harold Shepley & Associates, we want to understand your story so we can help you move forward.

Let us be your guide in these difficult times

You do not have to face this time of uncertainty alone, and you’ve already taken the biggest step — seeking help. Contact our family law firm online or by telephone at 877.827.9006 to schedule a free initial consultation at our offices located in Somerset, Pennsylvania. Harold Shepley & Associates, LLC is committed to helping you move forward to the next chapter in your life.