Why we offer Domsetic Services in the Somerset, Johnstown, and Bedford areas

I have always been a strong champion for marriage, and I continue to be pro-marriage. However, when I gave a debt relief seminar to the Divorce Care Group at the Somerset Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, my eyes were opened to the pain that these individuals were going through. None of the individuals that I spoke with wanted to be divorced. They were all victims of divorce. I sat speechless as I listened to the “horror stories” of how they were treated by their attorneys. The issues ranged from not being able to afford an attorney, to never being able to talk to their attorney, to almost outright theft due to the outrageous fees. Perhaps the worst case was a local attorney “implying” a trade of sexual services since she could not afford his fee. The emotional pain these people were experiencing cut deep to my soul and I knew my firm could no longer sit on the sidelines. We had to get involved.

Attorney Jeff Ross from my office agreed to step forward and help these hurting people. I hired one of the best paralegals in the county to assist him, Dawn Bhullar. Not only does Dawn have 6 years’ experience working for the Somerset County Prothonotary’s Office, where all family law issues are handled, but she has been a victim of divorce herself. She has suffered through an abusive relationship and now offers hope to others facing similar adversity.

There is a bright future ahead of you. Right now it is a little hard to see through all the dark clouds. Harold Shepley & Associates will assist you with passion and conviction. We offer affordable fees and payment plans. You no longer have to feel alone and afraid. Give my law firm a call or contact us and let us help you step out of the darkness and in to the light. You do not need to feel like a victim any longer.