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Child Support is support that one parent, or the other, pays for the basic needs of their child, or children.  Pennsylvania uses the shared income model where both parents’ incomes are combined as if they were still a family unit.  Statutory guidelines are then used to determine the amount of support the child, or children, require and what each parent’s contribution is based on the percentage of income they contribute to the total shared income.

There are other factors that can also determine the amount of child support paid or received, such as costs of health insurance, extraordinary expenses of one of the parties, and the amount of overnights the child, or children, spend at each parents.

There can be more complex aspects to a child support calculation such as determining what actually counts as income, that we can assist you with.  Call Harold Shepley & Associates so that we can answer all of your questions about child support.

It is important to remember that child support is received by one parent for the benefit of the child.  It is not payment for the benefit of the other parent.  It is not punishment meted out by one parent against the other.  The parties to a child support complaint can agree to an amount that each feels is fair and deviate from the statutory guidelines.  As with child custody, it may be better for all parties if they can agree without court intervention.

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