Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law in Pennsylvania

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At Harold Shepley & Associates, LLC, we understand that you are likely to have a variety of questions about family law and the practice areas we outline on this site. As a result, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions we receive at our firm:

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Family Law FAQs

How do I get started with divorce proceedings?

To get started with divorce proceedings one of the parties needs to initiate the filing of a divorce complaint with the County that they reside in. Call our office today to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your options.

Do I need an Attorney?

While you can certainly represent yourself during the proceedings of a divorce, it is never in your best interests. An online divorce may seem like a quick and easy solution, but there are many areas of concern that those divorces do not cover. When protecting your rights, it is best to have someone on your side who knows the applicable law in order to ensure that all of your interests and rights are protected.

I left my spouse and need money. How do I get money for myself or my children?

There is always a possibility that there could be an of award of spousal support and/or child support awarded to you during, throughout and after a separation. You should contact your local Domestic Relations office to obtain any information regarding these matters.

How much will a divorce cost?

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration to answer this question. Each case has different areas of concern. During your consultation with us, we will cover all the fees involved with divorce.

What if we both agree on things?

Making the decision to end a marriage is difficult. Mutually agreeing to settlement issues that would include retirement, custody, spousal support and the separation of personal property will not only save money, but it will also decrease the amount of stress during this very difficult time. Our office can help you no matter if the circumstances are amicable or not.

How long with the divorce take to complete?

In the state of Pennsylvania a divorce can be complete in as little as 90 days by mutual consent of the parties involved. If one party contests the entry of a divorce or if there is a dispute regarding property, it can take up to two years or more.

Do you have a Prenup?


In the event of divorce, a prenuptial agreement may limit your options or prove of great benefit to you. Do you need help sorting out the legal ramifications of your prenuptial agreement now that you are considering divorce? Contact the law offices of Harold Shepley & Associates, LLC at 877-827-9006.

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